Changjiu Logistics has been utilising its international rail transportation service to deliver Audi Q7 vehicles in containers six time a week since October 2020. The vehicles have been transported from Bremerhaven, Germany to China.

Rail Transportation from Germany to China

Transportation time: 16 days

Route: From Germany through Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan to China.

October 2019 marked Audi’s first batch of vehicle imports by railway. As well as SUVs, Chanjiu transported limousines.

At the Container Freight Station (CFS), the Audi limousines and SUVs were stored in 40-foot containers. Due to the dimensions of the vehicle types, this allowed for two vehicles per container. The containers are then loaded onto trains by our partner at EUROGATE Container Terminal Bremerhaven.

International Support for Automotive Manufacturers

The Audi vehicle import project has demonstrated the strength of the Changjiu Logistics’ international services for manufacturers. In quick response to the immediate needs of the customer, it only took 15 days from winning the bid to the departure of the first train.

With the joint efforts of customers, project teams and partners, the urgent delivery time was successfully achieved. Any initial concerns about the coordination of transportation capacity, preparation of transportation equipment, data preparation and other communications were resolved ahead of the transportation. From the first train, all of Audi’s requirements were successfully met and the cars delivered on time.

Established Services ensure Changjiu is a prominent player for International Transportation

Having delivered the rail service to Audi so smoothly, Changjiu Logistics will continue to branch this service out to more customers with high-end and large vehicles. Changjiu is playing a key role in bridging eastward business of customers between China and Europe.

Changjiu’s professional team are rich operation experience with strong communication and management skills. The collaboration between teams in China and Europe demonstrated the efficient and customer focused service that is central to the Changjiu brand and its values.

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