On October 31, 2020, the first train of #BMW finished vehicles carried by Changjiu Logistics departed from #Małaszewicze, Poland, to Chengdu, China. The entire transportation will take approximately 13 days, through Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

First Corporation with BMW

Route: From BMW factory in Germany through Poland, Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan to Chengdu, China.

This is the first cooperation of Changjiu Logistics as a logistics supplier of BMW Deutschland, and it is also the first attempt by BMW to transport cars between China and Europe by rail.

This BMW vehicle import project once again proved the professional services, rapid response, and customer recognition of Changjiu Logistics’ international business.

Since receiving the bid, the operation team has quickly formulated an effective and feasible implementation plan, actively communicated with customers and partners, applied for routes, allocated containers, racks, and pallets, simulated loading, trial installation, and other Shipment preparation.

International Support for OEM

The rack used in this project is Changjiu’s own rack for transporting vehicles, weighing 1.5 tons. It can be adjusted according to different vehicle models and is safe and reliable. The total number of cars through railway import and export using this rack has exceeded 30,000.

The successful launch of the first train is closely related to the collaboration of the Chinese and German teams. The Chinese team planned the train schedule, and the German team coordinated the operation of the terminal and organized the local trial installation according to the implementation plan.

In particular, during the epidemic, two colleagues in Germany drove from Hamburg to Małaszewicze in Poland to organize personnel and transportation capabilities, to ensure the quality of loading and improve the efficiency of all processes.

Changjiu Logistics currently has direct cooperation with global OEMs such as Volkswagen Group Logistics, BMW, Renault, Volvo, etc., and has developed international business with Chery, Geely, FAW, Changan, and other customers in China.

Changjiu’s professional team has rich operation experience with strong communication and management skills. The collaboration between teams in China and Europe demonstrated an efficient and customer-focused service that is central to the Changjiu brand and its values.

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