On April 8th morning, a train full of 150 Geely commercial vehicles departed from Dalian to Belyi Rast, Moscow. This is the first train for Changjiu International Business from Dalian to Belyi Rast terminal in Moscow, which is also an important milestone for international business optimization in developing new overseas terminals.

After the integration of internal resources, the development of new routes and new terminal, and the active communication with Liaoning Port, Changjiu formulated a new Ro-Ro shipping & Railway multimodal transportation plan for the “Geely Dalian-Belyi Rast vehicle export” project.

The smooth development of this project demonstrates the strength of Changjiu’s international business in the integration of internal resources, new routes, and the opening of new stations. It is also an important step for Changjiu International Logistics to build a new land-sea channel in Northeast Asia. This solution can also be applied to the export business of coastal OEMs.




Changjiu Logistics currently has direct cooperation with global OEMs such as Volkswagen Group Logistics, BMW, Renault, Volvo, etc., and has developed international business with Chery, Geely, FAW, Changan, and other customers in China.

Changjiu’s professional team has rich operation experience with strong communication and management skills. The collaboration between teams in China and Europe demonstrated an efficient and customer-focused service that is central to the Changjiu brand and its values.

If you would like to speak to the Changjiu team about rail transportation or other freight requirements, contact us on +49 (0) 40 8090 06950 or email us at info@changjiulogistics.com.