Demonstrate the Value of “One Belt One Road” Asset Deployment Strategy

On May 21st, the reporter has been informed that Changjiu Logistics has won the tender for the German Premium car brand BMW AG’s “China Silk Road Process Series 2021-2024”. BMW AG and Changjiu Logistics will sign a three-year vehicle transportation contract.

This project is the first large-scale cooperation between Changjiu Logistics and BMW logistics headquarters in Germany. The vehicles will be picked up from various BMW Group plants in Germany, transported by truck to the Adampol Terminal in Małaszewicze, Poland, where to complete the loading with Changjiu’s own rack system. The main carriage transportation will be conducted by CHINA RAILWAY Express from Europe to Chengdu station, China. After container unloading and customs clearance operation, the vehicles will be transported by truck to BMW distribution Hubs in Chengdu and Xi’an. Changjiu Logistics provides door-to-door solutions for the entire transportation segment for commercial vehicles.

The two parties have already carried out trial operations of related route transportation in 2020. Through years of overseas business layout and international railway logistics operation experience, the service quality of Changjiu Logistics has been highly praised by BMW.

Important transit station on China´s “One Belt, One Road” route is the Adampol terminal in Malaszewicze, Poland. At present, 85%-90% of the trains on the China-Europe Railway pass through this border city of Poland. In the context of the continued popularity of the “China-Europe Express”, Changjiu Logistics has become a shareholder of ADAMPOL S.A. Changjiu Logistics can have stronger controllability of the capacity and terminal resources required for the cooperation projects. At the same time, it also brings greater possibilities for the two parties to carry out more in-depth cooperation and expand Changjiu’s international business in Europe in the future.