Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing in Positive Change

As we continue to grow, it is important that we support the accumulation of social wealth, the progress of social civilisation and the sustainability of our planet.

We promote integrity, respect, responsibility and harmonious coexistence with society, the environment and sustainable development.

We look to continuously review and improve our plans to create opportunities for people and our communities, protect our planet and encourage positive change in society.

Industry Innovation

  • 2018 - Changjiu Logistics has sponsored "Automotive Logistics Europe conference" since 2018, aiming at pushing experience exchange and innovation in the whole industry globally.
  • 2014 - Changjiu Logistics participated in the "2014 Railway and Roll-Roll Automobile Logistics Development Seminar" held in Qingdao. In-depth research enabled rapid development of multimodal transport of automobile logistics.
  • 2007 - Changjiu Logistics and Jilin University jointly hosted a national seminar for teaching of logistics majors in colleges and universities.
  • 2007 - Changjiu Logistics was entrusted by FAW Car Co., Ltd. to be responsible for transporting the two "Hongqi" cars back to Changchun exhibition hall, which were used by the former Chairman of China.
  • Changjiu Logistics continues to innovate the transportation model through the acceleration of the intermodal network. Improving transportation efficiency and reducing empty miles.

Employee Care

  • 2020 - During Europe COVID-19 outbreak, Changjiu has sent thousands of masks and supplies to employees in Germany.
  • 2007 - A number of Changjiu employees suffered significant injuries in a car accident. Changjiu Group headquarters raised tens of thousands in just one day to ensure their medical needs were met without any stress for their families.
  • Changjiu Group is committed to providing employees with a comfortable and good working environment. Provide employees with annual physical examination. Provide employees with various holiday benefits.
  • Changjiu Group regularly holds various employee career development trainings, including basic skills, management ability and leadership training.
  • Changjiu Group has launched internal mentor program, providing essential help and guidance for employees.

Social Responsibility

  • 2020- During the COVID-19 outbreak, Changjiu Logistics purchased a total amount of 3.91 million pieces of PPE materials (including 133,400 disposable shoe covers, 1,000 head caps, 1,225,045 masks, 2,466,300 disposable gloves, 31,028 medical protective clothing, and 5,030 goggles) for Germany, France and surrounding European countries. The purchase amount exceeded €1million. Along with 13,900 medical masks delivered locally, Changjiu transported 116 negative-pressure ambulances, 20 tonnes of alcohol disinfectant. Changjiu's local support through donations and supplies totalled over 1.2 million CNY.
  • 2020 - During the initial COVID-19 outbreak, Changjiu Logistics assisted Heilongjiang province government to purchase virus prevention materials in Europe and donated medical supplies to hospitals and key facilities.
  • 2014 - Changjiu Auto club alliance led more than 100 members to hold tree planting activities on Zhuquan Island to contribute to nature.
  • 2013 - Changjiu participated in the "Aid Xinjiang" charity action and assisted the construction of "Han Hong-Changjiu Rehabilitation Guidance Center".
  • 2010 - Changjiu Group and Geely University carried out strategic cooperation to build a talent platform through school-enterprise cooperation.

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