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The next stage of Changjiu’s Journey. Capitalising on our investment, we are building our international presence delivering an automotive value chain that is integrated with our operational platform to create operational and financial efficiencies for our customers.

The next stage of Changjiu’s Journey. Capitalising on our investment, we are building our international presence delivering an automotive value chain that is integrated with our operational platform to create operational and financial efficiencies for our customers.

Current Stories

Dec 01

Joint Venture – Shipping

Changjiu Logistics has newly established a shipping joint venture, Changjiu Glovis (Shanghai) Shipping, with Beijing Glovis Warehousing & Transportation, and further developed the ro-ro shipping business.

Sep 01

24/7 Customer Service Support

The working time of Customer Service Department was adjusted from 12/7 hours to 24/7 hours. Changjiu Logistics Customer Service Department opened a new chapter in service.

May 01

Railway imports for Audi

Changjiu Logistics’ Audi railway import project successfully launched (Bremerhaven, Germany-Chengdu, China).

Jan 02

Sponsor Automotive Logistics Global Conference

Changjiu sponsored the “2019 Automotive Logistics Global Conference”, as the only Chinese auto logistics company invited to give a public speech.

Dec 01

Water Transport with BMW

Changjiu Logistics successfully won the bid for the BMW Water Transport Project.

Nov 01

A listed company

Changjiu Logistics publicly issued RMB 700 million of convertible corporate bonds and officially listed on November 30, 2018.

Jul 01

Russia Export Contract Win (Volvo)

Changjiu Logistics international business successfully won the bid for the Volvo vehicle export to Russia project.

Mar 01

First China-Europe Train Joint Venture with Zeebrugge Port

Changjiu Logistics and Zeebrugge Port signed the “China-Europe Train and Automobile Logistics Center Cooperation Agreement”. The first China-Europe train of Volvo Cars, which was transported by Changjiu Logistics, arrived in Zeebrugge, Belgium.

Jul 29

Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange

On August 10, 2016, Changjiu Logistics was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the stock code 603569, became the first third-party logistics A-share listed company in China.

Changjiu’s business rapidly expands with various divisions exceeding development targets, and the group performance reflects this.

Development Stories

Jun 06

New Shipping Business

Zhongshi International Logistics Co., Ltd. was established to start shipping business.

Jan 01

New Clients

Changjiu Logistics carried the top sports car Bugatti Veyron and has become the exclusive carrier for high-end cars Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

Jul 01

Exclusive Carrier

Changjiu Logistics became the exclusive Lamborghini carrier and officially expanded the business of high-end sports car carriers.

Jan 01

FVL Growth

Finished Vehicle Shipment exceeded 1 million units.

Jan 01

Carrier for Beijiung Olympics

Changjiu Logistics was selected as the exclusive carrier of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Torch Relay vehicles, traveling through 113 cities more than 560,000km, with zero delay and 100% satisfaction.

Jan 01

Operational Efficiency

Independently developed and applied CMS commercial vehicle logistics management information system, LED visual Kanban management system, LBS in transit management system, significantly improved operational efficiency.

Jan 01

Carrier Connectivity

All the carrier trucks for commercial vehicles are equipped with GPS satellite positioning systems.

Jan 01

Establish Railway & Intermodal Transportation

Beijing Changjiu Logistics Co., Ltd. was established. Railway transportation business and highway and railway intermodal transportation were further developed.

Jan 01

Office Headquarters Move

The Changjiu Group headquarters moved from Changchun to Beijing.

Jan 01

Company Recognition

Changjiu Group was rated as “China’s Competitive Logistics Enterprise”.

Our Founder established Changjiu Logistics in Changchun, the “Car Capital of China” to demonstrate its commitment to the automotive market. The management team worked hard to establish and demonstrate their accumulated market operation experience, and as such, won the support and recognition of recognised partners across China.

Start Up Stories

Dec 01

Beijing Changjiu

Beijing Changjiu Logistics Co., Ltd. was established on September 10, 2003.

Sep 01

Jilin Changjiu

Jilin Changjiu Group was formally established, represented the enterprise development strategy.

Jul 01

Business Growth

Annual shipment volume of cars exceeded 500,000.

Jan 01

Business Recognition

Changjiu has been selected as one of the two enterprises with the 5A honorary title, by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing.

Jan 01

Supporting Changchun’s Economic Development

Changjiu was rated as the top 50 enterprises in Changchun City and became a vital force in Changchun’s economic development.

Jan 01

Jilin Changjiu

Jilin Changjiu Logistics Co., Ltd. was established.

Jan 01

Market Leader

Changjiu Logistics has achieved door-to-door automotive transportation early in the industry.

Jan 01

Broadening Services

Entered the field of commercial vehicle road self-driving transportation, engaged in the delivery of FAW trucks, cars and mini vehicles.

Jan 01

Establishing Changjiu Logistics

The company was established and entered the field of automobile logistics and automobile sales.

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