Talent Acquisition at Changjiu

Talent is Changjiu’s most valuable asset. We believe that continuous attention to the development, growth of employees and the cultivation of talent are the core of our success and vital to our continued progress and breakthroughs.

We are committed to our Talent Development Value process.

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We are committed to equal opportunities for employees and encourage everyone to share their talents. In Changjiu, there is no professional ceiling. As long as you have the passion, skills and drive, there will be opportunities for you to career development to excel at Changjiu.

We encourage all our people to innovate, practice, challenge and own their roles. By supporting our people, we can achieve faster growth of our talent pool which supports our business growth.

Growing your career at Changjiu

What you can expect at Changjiu Logistics

  • Employees can have a clear view of their developing opportunities and career path
  • Target-oriented career developing planning is used
  • Employees can receive guidance and support from the managers when considering their career paths

What you can expect at Changjiu Logistics

  • We ensure employees to have the right skills and knowledge to be able to deliver their role
  • We provide regular cross-functional training and opportunities to gain a comprehensive understanding of the whole industry
  • We have internal mentors who can provide guidance and share their experiences
  • We have an online training platform to help employees gain automotive and business knowledge, grow their skills and keep up with industry news

Recruitment at Changjiu

We don’t currently have any roles we are recruiting for, but if you would like us to hold you details on file for the future, please complete the form below.

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Applying for a role at Changjiu Logistics

If you do not see a role relevant to your experience but would like us to consider you for future roles, please complete this form and include your CV and a covering letter detailing the type of role you are looking for.