Water Freight

A green, economical and smart service system

With more than ten years experience in commercial vehicle sea freight operations and management, our capability includes a fleet of offshore and inland river vessels that can transport millions of vehicles.  With an established nationwide sea freight service and a programme to continuously enhance our capability including regular improvements to the facilities in the port hub.

Through strong relationships with our shipping suppliers who provide ocean transportation services, we have expanded our international water freight business into South-East Asia and the west coast of America.

Domestic water transport network


  • Ningbo—Yantai
  • Ningbo—Dalian
  • Ningbo—Tianjin


  • Tianjin—Shanghai
  • Tianjin—Guangzhou
  • Tianjin—Ningbo


  • Chongqing—Zigui—Wuhan—Wuhu—Shanghai Port


  • Dalian—Yantai
  • Dalian—Shanghai
  • Dalian—Ningbo
  • Dalian—Fuqing
  • Dalian—Guangzhou


  • Guangzhou—Shanghai
  • Guangzhou—Ningbo
  • Guangzhou—Yantai
  • Guangzhou—Tianjin
  • Guangzhou—Dalian


  • Dongguan—Haikou


  • Huangdao—Ningbo
  • Huangdao—Guangzhou


Delivering Water Freight Solutions

Resource Planning

  • Coastal and riverside resource planning and operation services for vehicle transportation.

The full service

  • Sea freight via trunk lines + front warehousing + quick highway logistics distribution.

Shorten transportation time in China

  • Zigui trans-shipment system to shorten the duration of transportation over Yangtze River.

International Water Freight

Changjiu Logistics can support clients international water freight requirements through it’s vast facilities including:

  • 6 sea ships under control
  • 3 river ships under control
  • Water transport capacity which reached 800,000 vehicles in 2019

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