International Logistics

Reliable door-to-door international solutions designed
for global automobile brands

Changjiu is headquartered in China and has operations all over the World. We are committed to helping global automotive brands expand their business in China and other regions.

In the global market, we have rich customer resources, significant transportation networks, sophisticated operating experience, efficient business systems and high resilience. With our professional experts, we can provide customers with integrated automotive logistics solutions locally and abroad, with flexible and comprehensive freight forwarding services.

Our international business has developed our services and network capacity including freight forwarding, multimodal transport as well as both domestic and international warehousing.

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  • International Water
  • Road Freight
  • International Rail

Our Services

Our international business has gradually developed international freight forwarding, international multimodal transport, domestic and international warehousing capabilities and etc., which can provide supply chain support and protection for our customers.

  • China-Europe train transport
  • International air transport
  • Sea-railway combined transport
  • Transit transport
  • Used vehicle import-export
  • Supply chain financial services
  • International multimodal transportation
  • International warehousing
  • Customized freight forwarding solutions
  • Goods consolidation and distribution
  • Logistics consulting
  • Port operation
  • Inbound logistics
  • Circulating equipment
  • Supply chain financial services

Our International Partners


What mode of transport do you need?

For our clients international requirements, we can tailor our services to your exact needs. Primarily, our clients engage us for road, rail and water freight. Click on the images for more on each mode of transportation.


Meeting our Clients Requirements

Some examples of the services we have provided for our clients international requirements.

Railway logistics Autoparts import

  • Cargo pick-up and container consolidation in Europe
  • Europe-China railway route via HAO international platform: Depart from DIT each Saturday, T1 at Mala, customs clearance at Harbin, China, and deliver to door
  • Transit time: 18-20 days, door-to-door transport, with GPS tracking the whole time

Door-to-door Logistics parts export

  • Door-to-door logistics service via China-Europe block train and roadway distribution in Europe
  • International returnable packing
  • Bonded warehousing and tax advancing at logistics bases in Europe
  • Transit time: 13-15 days with GPS tracking and insurance services

Integrated logistics Vehicle import

  • Finance support – accomplished purchasing in cash in Europe
  • Professional vehicle inspection, pick-up and international transport of roadway, railway and sea freight
  • Strict container-packing scheme
  • Personalised domestics finance services as financing lease and instalment payment

Anti-counterfeiting Autoparts import

  • Overseas consolidation
  • Managing the entire lifecycle of RFID anti-counterfeiting technology
  • Improve the efficiency of cargo and information management
  • Interconnect the auto sales and manufacturing enterprises
  • Optimise the whole supply chain

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