High-standard buildings and operational processes,
with tight control over vehicle safety in all warehouses

‘Changjiu Station’ represents our domestic warehousing network, covering the majority of the capital cities in China. We can provide you intensive and professional modern warehousing service system.

With our standardised workflow in the warehousing and information management system, our warehousing services can meet a wide spectrum of demands for both contract and bulk customers.


Delivering Warehousing Solutions

Warehousing services

  • Site warehousing
  • Terminal warehousing
  • Railway distribution warehousing
  • Front warehousing
  • Parts warehousing

Warehousing services

  • E-commerce warehousing
  • T4S store warehousing
  • Financial business warehousing
  • Warehousing-distribution integration

Warehousing services

  • Compound warehousing: 10 main compounds for OEM customers
  • Port warehousing: build seamless connection of Multimodal transportation between water, railway and highway transport
  • Railway warehousing: seamless connect of onsite storage and fast distribution
  • Regional Distribution Centre: last mile distribution solution with quick response under 24 hours
  • E-commerce warehousing: developing network with regional central warehouse + urban sub-warehouse + short-distance delivery to meet with the trend of automotive e-commerce
  • Financial business warehousing: Build a vehicle delivery center that provides comprehensive services such as testing, maintenance, and transfer, to meet the needs of customers such as 4S store supervision, pledged vehicles, and short-term rental platforms

Domestic Warehouses

Changjiu Logistics can support clients domestic warehousing requirements through it’s vast number of sites including:

  • 55 warehousing sites
  • More than 2.88 million square meters available
  • Covering 28 provinces

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