Supply Chain Finance

Comprehensive supply chain finance for
automotive logistics providers and car dealers

Utilising our core supply chain finance knowledge and logistics experience, we have developed automotive logistics financial services based on the “1 + L + N” model (1 industrial supply chain + logistics system (L) + N supply chain partners).

Our services include deferred payment for group purchase, ASC information service platform, order financing, distribution & agent purchasing and freight forwarding.

Provide account period for purchase oils and highway fees

Discount on bank acceptance bill received by carrier

Factoring finance for the accounts receivable of carriers

Supply chain finance

Provision of cash for warehouse inventory of vehicles

The dealer can sign the order to provide vehicle payment

Funding purchase for dealers and afford for their inventory


Delivering Financial Support for Logistics Providers

professional automotive supply chain financial service platform

  • Based on advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles and big data; we have combined business, logistics, information and capital flow to provide innovative automotive supply chain services.
  • We are committed to supporting automotive OEMs, dealers and automotive industry customers. We provide targeted supply chain services and deliver innovative supply chain financial solutions for new car dealers. Our support improve the efficiency of automotive supply chain operations.
  • As well as our supply chain financial services, we have established strong relationships with a number of large banks, auto finance companies and other financial institutions to help support our customers and deliver solutions.

Full range of auto financial technology supervision services

  • By enhancing the financial risk management technology and combining the characteristics of the supervision business, we independently created an “Internet of Things Equipment Intelligent Supervision Platform” to realise the technical supervision of pledged vehicles.
  • The newly upgraded third generation VFS supervisory system is equipped with technical supervisory equipment to realise an intelligent operation that combines early warning functions and data monitoring such as Real-time positioning.

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